Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

  1. Most orders are shipped from Marilyn Jewelry offices located in Ramat Gan.
  2. You can choose delivery to your home or your work place. There is cost for shipping. The cost will be given according to the requested address.
  3. It should be noted that the purchaser will receive the quotation for delivery before processing the purchase to enable a decision.
  4. It should be noted that according to the destination the shipping cost changes, since this is a luxury product shipping charges are different than a standard product.
  5. Marilyn Jewelry will determine the type of packaging according to the product and its sensitivity, everything to ensure that you will receive the product safe and secured.
  6. Purchase through Marilyn Jewelry service representative, you will be asked to fill out apurchase form,in which you will be requested to fill credit card information and shipping address.

  7. Marilyn Jewelry will deliver your purchase only to the address you have filled in the form and the package will be delivered only to the person registered with ID verification of his / her in front of the delivery messenger.
  8. Important, when receiving the package from the courier, you will be asked to sign for the package. Make sure to open the package to ensure compatibility with your purchase before signing.
  9. Signing when receiving the piece, you waive any responsibility of Marilyn Jewelry that the item you purchased has not been received fully.
  10. Only Marilyn Jewelry is to choose the shipping company / courier to the customer’s home or workplace.
  11. You can pick up the purchased item from Marilyn Jewelry offices at no cost, only the purchaser him/her self-accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice and I.D.
  12. The delivery times depend on the availability in supply of the product and delivery service providers, Marilyn Jewelry will update before purchasing the product on delivery expectations.
  13. Marilyn Jewelry does not deliver on Fridays and Saturdays or holiday eves.

Return items Policy

Marilyn Jewelry Return items policy is in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection law, 1981 and amended regulations thereunder. The law is viewable in government site:


Store purchase

Refund will be given only for jewelry purchased up to 3,000  and up to 48 hours from time of purchase, refund on timepieces is up to 14 days from time of purchase, by the following conditions:

  1. Presenting an invoice or an exchange slip indicating the transaction or any proof of the transaction, the amount paid and the means of payment.
  2. The form of refund will be determined according to the means of payment.
  3. The transaction cancellation fees are 5% of the purchase price or 100 ₪, whichever is lower.
  4. Refund on payment with credit card, you will be charged additional fee for credit card clearing*.
  5. The right of cancellation does not include products; manufactured especially for the customeras special orderor customized ring size, personalized laser inscription orders of wedding rings, setting of customer’s stones.
  6. The product will be returned or exchanged in its original packaging, without blemish and without any signs of use. The company has the right to submit your product for review. If there is a label on the jewelry or watch, the product will be returned with the label on it.

In the case of jewelry with purchase value of 3,000  and over, in any case of return by the conditions listed above, you can return a product and receive a credit note or replace it with another product, jewelry within 30 days of purchase and watches and silver within 14 days of purchase, under the following conditions:

  1. The product will be returned or exchanged in its original packaging, without blemish and without any signs of use. The company has the right to submit your product for review.
  2. There are no returns or replacements on Products that are custom made piece, special orders, personalized laser inscription customized ring size, orders of wedding rings.

* The cost of clearing will be examined individually after the request to cancel the transaction.

** No double discounts in any case.


Website purchase

The purchaser may cancel the transaction or replace the product purchased via the website in accordance with the Return Policy above (Store purchase). Updates for purchase via the website as follows:

  1. A transaction made through the site can be canceled within an hour of purchase completion, with a notice to Marilyn Jewelry customer service by phone 09-8659218 or email, In such circumstances the purchaser will be entitled to receive a full refund (including shipping fees, if collected).
  2. Time limit for Return of Jewelry or timepiece is according to return policy above and will be considered from the moment the piece has been signed / received by purchaser.
  3. Cancellation of the transaction due to a defect and / or a mismatch between the product and the details as they appear on the site – the user must check the item immediately when received (see shipping policy), the user shall be entitled to cancel the deal within 48 hours of receiving the item.
  4. Cancellation of a transaction not due to a defect and / or incompatibility in specification, the purchaser will not be entitled for a refund of shipping charges paid (if paid).
  5. Cancellation of a transaction, returning or replacing an item is subjected to the above return policy, the item will be returned to Marilyn Jewelry offices with presenting invoice of purchase.
  6. Jewelry with purchase price of 3,000 and above is not refundable by law, not due to a defect in the product and / or incompatibility in specification.
  7. Refund in case of a deal cancellation will be made by crediting the same credit card the transaction was done, within 14 days of processing the refund request and return of item.
  8. Replacing the product to another or returning to receive a credit note, will be done only at one of Marilyn Jewelry stores, only by return / replace policy accepted by Marilyn Jewelry, which Marilyn Jewelry may update the policy from time to time.
  9. Credit notes are not applicable to purchase via website.
  10. Any question / inquiries related to exchanges, returns, etc., please contact the customer service department at Marilyn Jewelry email or phone: 09-8659218
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